Our Story

Dancie Perugini Ware built the firm that bears her name on the guiding principle that creative collaboration at the highest level could yield resounding results. Singular solutions that elevate brands, define public spaces, shape businesses and non-profit endeavors, imprint narratives, and produce memorable monumental events. Today’s partnerships at DPWPR are proprietary alliances built between clients, specialists, stakeholders, creatives, and media for the mutual success of all. Often, such partnering transcends typical public relations practices, leading DPWPR to serve a client as brand architect, corporate consultant, and community ambassador and advocate. 

Caption: Entrance to DPWPR offices, photo Eric Laignel

Methodical team building is the heart of the DPWPR story. Dancie, a prevailing champion in the field of public relations is nationally regarded and regularly honored for her business acumen, insightful strategic planning, distinguished creativity and ingenuity, and visionary leadership. Naturally inspiring, Dancie directs an innovative all-female team as they serve a vast clientele from start-ups to Fortune 500 global brands. Many are enviable multi-market relationships that have retained DPWPR as agency of record for decades.

Sustaining relationships within the firm is equally valued. Many of the firm’s leadership team celebrate 10-to-20 years tenure. Daily, they provide proactive mentoring management while collaborating with the next generation of talent, a practice sure to perpetuate the firm’s unique prevailing culture of team building.